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Evidence-Based OCD Treatment


Evidence-based OCD and anxiety treatment in Bakersfield

I’m a CA-licensed MFT with 19+ years of experience and am committed to helping patients of all ages better deal with OCD, BRFBs, and anxiety disorders. My work focuses on helping patients learn to challenge their intrusive/obsessive thoughts, and compulsions, as well as reduce behaviors like nail biting, hair pulling, and skin picking. I strongly believe in the use of evidence-based treatments, and therefore use CBT, ERP, and HRT exclusively in helping patients improve their functioning.

I am especially passionate about working with and helping high functioning/achieving patients address their difficulties with perfectionism and procrastination.

Please reach out to me if you deal with any of the issues mentioned above, and I would be happy to help you via telehealth or in-person sessions.

Shahzad Chaudhry, LMFT #42738
Therapist and Owner

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